When it comes to website design, there are a number of things to consider.  But , the 3 most important considerations are: aesthetics, speed, and responsiveness.


Visitors to your website will judge your company based on how appealing it looks.  In other words, if your site is not aesthetically pleasing, it will turn off most users, therefore, losing you customers and money.


A well-designed website will load quickly, but still be pleasing to the eye.  It takes a well-trained designer to make sure that images, and code, are not too heavy for smooth, fast-loading pages.


We've watched smartphone usage go from less than 1% to over 52% of all website visitors since 2009.  And this number will continue to increase in upcoming years.  This means that your website needs to be responsive.  That is, it needs to respond to the size of the screen from which it is being viewed.  All of the websites that we build are responsive across all screen sizes.


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