online graphics

When it comes to photos and graphics for your website, there are many considerations to keep in mind.  Image size, quality, and color schemes are basic concerns.

size matters

Most of us have visited websites that take forever to load, even with high speed internet.  These sites tend to lose many visitors that are just too impatient to wait for the images to load.  The problem, most likely, is that images have not been scaled down for optimal performance.  When done properly, most image file sizes can be significantly reduced without noticeable loss of quality.

If you need help with photographs and graphics for your website, give us a call.  We're happy to help.


online videos

Videos have become an essential part of small business marketing.  These videos are used on websites, YouTube, and other social media sites to reach audiences that might otherwise pass right by text ads.  We can produce professionally edited 1080p HD videos to reach your target audience.


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