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My name is Ralph Shelton. I grew up in a small town near Lynchburg, Virginia, where folks still wave at one another. Here, I worked in my parent’s restaurant through high school and my first years in college.

In 1983, I bought my first computer. And, even though it wasn’t much of a computer, this little machine taught me tons. And would ultimately influence my education and career path for many years to come. My first degree was in engineering, but I also took classes in computer programming, and computer-aided drafting and design, or CADD. It was this experience that helped me land my first “official” job in 1986 with an architectural and engineering firm.

After a few years with that company, I realized that there was a strong need for CADD designers for a variety of businesses in and around Lynchburg; In those days, computers that could run programs like AutoCAD were not cheap, and there was still the need for someone to operate these systems. So, I and a couple of friends started a CADD services company in 1989. Not only would we provide the computer(s), but we would provide the staff to operate those CADD systems.

After winning a contract with the Veterans Administration in Hampton in 1993, I relocated to Virginia Beach. But, by the mid to late 90s, computer prices had dropped to a point that even small companies could then afford their own systems. And so, the need for my company’s services began to dwindle. It was time to explore other avenues.

Fortunately, this was around the same time that the Internet craze was taking off, and so I began shifting my focus; designing, building, developing, and hosting websites became my next business model. Additionally, I further developed my digital photography skills, graphic design, and later digital audio, and finally videography as the need arose.

Today, I enjoy helping friends and neighbors with their computer, and other electronic woes. Most of my services are offered in-home. I can help with computer set up, printers issues, home networking, custom-built systems, and more. I do so with a friendly smile, and good humor.

In my spare time I enjoy music, photography, cinema, and lots and lots of travel. I have one wonderful and beautiful daughter, and a precious little granddaughter.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please give me a call if you have any questions or need my help.


Ralph Shelton

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